Nebiula Production, 2000

This is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Fronted by only 2 well-known person in local metal scene, this project is quite original. They are Jaie (vocal in Sil Khannaz) and Jadam (the brainchild of Profane Creation, a brutal death/grind band). Jadam already known with his industrial project called "Gorb" so this is not really a surprise. However, the shocking fact is, Jaie sings in his clear, normal voice. This band first appear in Storm of Nebiula 2 compilation, with the track "Who Kill The Sun" (also included here) and since then, "Kuasa" is one of the release that I am waiting impatiently to hear. Mesmerised depends a lot on the beautiful synth melody and the vocals. In some song, Melissa Chaostar (also in Vociferation Eternity) contribute her great angelic voice and fully sing in "Twilight Lunacy". They use drum programming and it fits perfectly with their music. Although the music is depressive at times but it also melodic, relaxing and entertaining but to listen to "Kuasa" will need you to be open minded.