Horrible - Ruthless - Disguist 
Demo 1998

Actually I got both of their demo. The other one is Sick, Sick, Sick demo 1997 but I guess better if I talked about this demo instead because this is their latest and ofcourse the latest one shows some improvements. If I'm not mistaken, this demo will be re-released by Malaysian Gemaritma Productions with color cover. The motive of this label is simple, they like the demo and they re-released it. So don't be surprised to see some demos are almost 5 years old from the original release date. MENTAL PHOBIA is among the elite Negeri Sembilan band and compare with SEASONAL ABYSS, they are much better, musically although the vocals sounds similar with SEASONAL ABYSS. 5 tracks of death metal and the bass is being highlight here, means you will hear the bass clearer than other instruments. There are few interesting part in some of the songs but I don't like a bit the vocal. Latest news is they are now going to release an EP under Nebiula Production. So the next release will be great because as far as I remember, Nebiula's releases are all interesting and have a bit of their own identity eventhough some are too shocking like ETERNAL OATH, ARADIA and the new AS SAHAR but still these releases are good in my humble opinion.
c/o Syaari Aziz, Batu 2 1/2 Jalan Jelebu, 704000 Ampangan, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.