Sakhtyanic Doctrine
Demo 1999

Couple of month later, MANTAK managed to released their second demo but I was surprised with this demo. They managed to come out with much more improved songs and matured musicianship. No more horrible vocals that will make your ears deaf and lousy songs arrangement like you hear in The Borneo Chaosmaker demo. The songs are in the vein of melodic death metal with malay occult influences in their lyrics (just like most of local metal bands). I like the melodic guitar solos in all 3 tracks, which the last one is an instrumental track. If  MANTAK could only work in a much better studio, the result will be more than great. Demo come with glossy printed cover with lyrics and picture but not a neat one, I must say. Keep up the good work if you really want to be the Borneo Chaosmaker.

c/o Mohd Nazree,  Rumah No. 195, Fasa 1, Rumah Murah Kepayan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Dark Borneo Art...
Muzik Box Production, 2002
MANTAK is now the most successful metal bands hailing from Sabah. They are the first band from Sabah that managed to release a pro-cassette release like this and is distributed nationwide. The last time I read their bio (that was after the second demo, 1999), "Await their first strange material, mixture of metal and alternative music." I don't know what they mean by that. I only hear Swedish style black metal (means they are a bit melodic), the style which you can hear from most new local black metal bands here. I have no problem with melodic black metal. The first time I listened to this band was from their debut demo "D'Borneo Chaosmaker". And comparing their very first release with this tape, they have improved tremendously! That demo could easily get 1 or 0 out of 5. Improvements can still be made on the sound and their musicianship though and also try make their own identity. The song "Seranggan Barbalang" is a true As~Sahar rip off. 5 songs available and includes a good Sodom cover, "Blasphemer".
c/o Mohd Nazree, Rumah No. 195, Fasa 1, Rumah Murah Kepayan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu.

Eye Of Deviant
Nebiula Productions, 2002
Just a few months after the EP was released (thanks to the black metal issue which caused the delay) this 7-tracked tape was available. It also contains re-recorded songs from their second demo ("Sakhtyanic Doctrine" is in the EP). Those songs are just average if you compare it with the new songs either in the EP or on this tape. Not much difference if comparing "Eye..." with the last EP. Still melodic black metal but sometimes the songs have this weird tempo or something. Don't know how to explain it but don't worry, it's not something bad. Sound wise, a bit better I guess especially on the drums although recorded in the same studio. I like those melodic parts. Are they paying homage to certain bands in their releases? The first track on side B is like Sil Khannaz (on their "Pendita Gila" ep). This tape also featured guest musician from other Sabahan bands. There are some good bands from the 'land below the wind' and Mantak seems to lead the way. Improvement on certain parts will surely make Mantak big in the scene (locally they already is known with these tape releases and series of gigs in West Malaysia).
c/o Mohd Nazree, Rumah No. 195, Fasa 1, Rumah Murah Kepayan, 88000 Kota Kinabalu.