Burst Into Blue Flames
World Chaos Prod/Lightout Recs, 2000

Another masterpiece from World Chaos !!! This time the form of 9 track CD. How did they manage to find such fine musicians such as Manipulated Slaves ? Melodic death metal combined together with thrash, a bit of female vocals with piano attach to the music, you will get a great album that should not be missed by anyone. What I like most are those melodic and powerful riffs and ofcourse the great vocals Yutaka Kageyama. With these, it will make you move and headbanged yourself. The inclusion of piano and female vocals on certain tracks makes the music stand higher than other songs in this album. Just a killer release ! I don't understand why this CD does not come with thick booklet like Terror Squad. Only simple 6 page that only display a huge thanks list, a bit of recording info and small picture of the band. Not as rich as Terror Squad's which have additional drawing on the tray card and different artwork for each of the lyrics on the booklet. The package of this CD is just too simple for this kind of masterpiece.

The Legendary Black Jade
Worldchaos Production, 2001
Their second album. There are few differences between "Burst Into Blue Flames" and "The Legendary Black Jade". The vocals change, there are few calm, depressive moments and these are not present in their debut album. The music is still the same. Melodic death metal but not in any way to be connected with In Flames and the bands alike. They have their own style. The guitar sound belongs to them, I can still recognize it. They got some people to help with this albu album m, from FATIMA HILL, THREAT, ex-FAIRY MIRROR and even ex-ARCH ENEMY. I can't choose which album is their best. I like them both and since both have its different style and its own specialty. But I can make a conclusion; they rules!