MAKAM (Indonesia)
Makabre Amuletha
Self-Released, 2001
My first Indonesian black metal CD. A CD-R actually. A Javanese occult atmospheric black metal, formed in 1995. 7 tracks with almost 30 minutes of music. The CD starts and ends with Javanese traditional folk song that I usually hear on TV documentary. Good way to introduce their culture to the metal masses. But it will be better if they can embed them in their songs. Then we have 5 tracks of fast black metal (good sound) with few breaks in the song. The CD package is neat and slim but too simple in design and they didn't include the lyrics. Only RM 21 (Malaysia) or USD 10 (r.o.w.).
c/o Julius Nurendra, Jagalan 01/XIV Jebres, Solo 57124, Centra Java, Indonesia.