Eastern... Mysterious... Mystical... Myth...
Demo 2001
Another band from Sabah that deserves your attention. If I am not mistaken there are members of INSIDE in this band. The lyrics are in Malay (must be interesting reading them). MAAR's music? Nice mix of black, thrash and death with a good sound and good musicianship (can be better). Yes, they have this 'melodic' thing in their music. They mixed the vocals (death and black metal style). This is a 4-tracked demo (more than 20 min). Looks like they took 1 year to compose a song and they arranged it in chronological order. The first song "Mantera Pontianak" is from 1998 and the last one is their latest, simply titled as "Maar...". Hopefully they will not take another 4 years to come out with a new release. But if that is what it takes to compose good songs (this demo is just above average) so be it. Let quality rule over quantity.
c/o Rithzali Nasir, W.D.T. 448, 88904 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.