LAMPHOR (Indonesia)
Hell On The Battle Ground
Holy Flesh Records, 2000

After knowing the band will record this album, I was quite excited because from info I got, the band must be interesting. "Progressive Black Cyber Sado Metal", sounds interesting, right? But when this tape being played, automatically I remember UPRISING. This trio plays black metal and at times musically sounded like the band I mention before. Certainly not the kind of black metal I can listen to. There is some doomy part, which is good but others sounds really awful. 10 tracks here and you will be please by the running time and the number of the song. The cassette cover sleeve was design by Shofian's Thorncastle Design, so the layout, etc is great.
Lamphor, Rejosari, Sabrang, Rt: 01 / Rw: 08 No 89, Delanggu, Klaten, Central Java 57471, Indonesia.