Sulphurous Domain
Promo 2000

This is the promo for their forthcoming debut CD. I must change what I have said in the review of Eastern Invasion compilation. The track they feature in that comp., "Dark Formation.." is taken from this album and was the only slowest track here. They play doom/black metal until to their 3rd demo. Now they play black metal, under influence of Old Mans Child and the bands alike. What we have here is fast and at times melodic black metal with keys accompanying along the songs and singing in both growling and normal male vocals. The song "Faceless Dawn" and "Glorious Submission" are the best among all. Fast black metal, melodic with a bit of thrash with some slow and accoustic part. A recipe for a great music. When will the actual release see the light of the day is not yet confirmed. I hope very soon. 
c/o Zirkelloch, Blk 426 Clementi Ave 3, #06-492 S(120426), Singapore.