Live Video
They are in Blasphemy's video thanks list. Also this is a d.i.y. video but the recording is quite good. The picture quality is okay but the sound is quite low. You will be able to watch the band on stage for about 45 minutes. Not sure when this video was recorded. It's an open-air gig. The whole place is quite big. There is around 100-200 people there. Most of them wearing Slayer, Megadeth, Marilyn Manson, etc from those well-known, 'commercial' metal bands t-shirt. That is the thing I hate seeing. Here in Malaysia, primary school kids wear plus other famous superstars (sports, films star) and even Osama Bin Laden. That is trendy is you ask me. About the video, the band started with "Remember The Fallen" from Sodom and the crowd seems to like the guitar/vocalist when he did that act (which I really hate!) while playing some lines from that song. They also play some of their own melodic death/black songs, complete with keyboard. The band seems to have a huge followers and the crowd number become bigger towards the end of the show! The band is a good performer because they pleased their fans. That is what I see from the crowd reaction. As for me I am only in for Slayer and Sodom covers.