KREMATION (Malaysia)
To The End/Head Hunter Revenge
Music Trax, 2000

How did they manage to release this under Music Trax? This tape has been released for some times now but I have to say Music Trax is weak on promotion. 11 tracks here with one side feature their new song and the other side with their "Reborn" EP 1998/99. As a Sarawakian, they introduce their own local folk/culture in this tape. From the title of this tape and in the intro, you can feel that. Musically, there are few differences compare with "Reborn". The new songs have a bit more heavy/rock influences but still have the strong touches of death metal. Still using the famous drum machine but they manage to make it sound a bit live and not too 'artificial' if you know what I mean. If not, this tape might be another average release. Basically, the new songs are much better except in the vocal department. Over use of effect make the vocals sound horrible. The keyboard is a total Dimmu Borgir rip off. About "Reborn" is a bit brutal but still have those solos and better vocals.