KORIHOR (Philippines) 
Innocent Deist 
Demo 1999

A new band form somewhere in 1999 and the first band I know hailing from Davao City. I wasn't sure how big is the scene in Philippines but there are sure some bands over band that might caught your attention once a while. "Horned Vampiric Metal" is what they label they music as but to put it simple, I say they play pure holocaustic black metal. Yes, that should describe this demo well. 4 destructive songs presented here which are pure satanic aggression. There's a guitar plucking in "Trident Sermont" and normal vocal being used in "Innocent Deist" while the music stop/slow for couple of second before the music start to blown away and being repeated for couple of times and these are the only 'slow moment' you'll find in their music. "Three False Prophet" is a bit melodic than the rest. 'Speed' is the key word for this demo and you can make your own comparison with other black metal in this style. I can only remember Beherit. This demo was released by a new label (perhaps, wasn't sure) and comes with color cover made on Kodak photo paper (first time I see this kind of demo/album cover). KORIHOR should improve their sound for the next release since the demo sound is not equivalent with todays recording standard. It will be great if the songs here re-recorded professionally in the future.

KORIHOR (Philippines)
Promo 2002
They are very unfortunate. Songs for a full-length is already available but does not have the fund to record them. This promo is made (only 66 copies) for labels and zines to search for a good deal with any true and honest label. Only 3 tracks here; 1 from their old demo, a re-recorded version of "Three False Prophet" and a new song "Beyond the Gibbous Moon". The last two songs are taken from the forthcoming "Kult Razor" 7"EP that will be released by Deathrash Armageddon (Japan). What can I say about them besides good words? They know how to play black metal with the right spirit (the music, vocal, concept, etc). I think the sound is a bit 'low' but not the rest. Everything else is in top notch condition. They are the one (in black metal) that I can highly recommend from the Philippines. No ass-kissing, hearing is believing! The new tracks simply killz! Get the EP to experience it and also another EP on Legion Of Death Records when they are out. You can still get the split tape with Surrender Of Divinity (a great combination of SEAsian black in 1 tape!) from them.
Korihor, Blk.14 Lt.14 Ph.2, San Lorenzo Village, Puan, Davao City, 8000 Philippines.


KORIHOR (Philippines)
Warmageddon 7"EP
Legion Of Death, 2002

I was given "Promo 2002" (which was made in 66 copies). 3 tracks are on the tape and the same tracks are in this black vinyl. I prefer having them in this format. I still with my words so please read the review on the promo. This is a gatefold EP and inside you will see photo of the band and the lyrics. The front cover also has the same 'problem' like Anal Vomit's "From Peruvian Hell".LOD005 is also limited to 500x and mine numbered 233.