VRYKOLAKAS (Singapore) / KOMA (Indonesia)
Muzik Box Productions, 2001

A split tape featuring 2 brutal bands from SouthEast Asia. First of all I am impressed with the cassette cover and inlay. Simple, neat and contain the info needed about the band. VRYKOLAKAS starts the tape (on side A) with 4 songs taken from their MCD (excluding “Nutfah”). No need to comment more about them. Check out the review of their MCD in the CD review section. KOMA on side B a bit more interesting. Still in brutal death metal but a bit thrashy. I have KOMA “Mimpi Di Siang Bolong” cassette 1998 once but I already forgot how they sound like. I guess not as good as this. If not, I will probably remember.
Khairil, Blk 44, Chai Chee Street, #12-108, Singapore 461044.
Andy, Blk 403, Serangoon Ave, #07-31, Singapore 550403.
KOMA, P.O.Box 22 SBS-WO, Surabaya 60244-A, Indonesia.
[3/5] / [3.5/5]

KOMA (Indonesia)
Darah, Keringat, Air Mata
Self-Released, 2001
7 track, 15+ minutes CD-r. Compare with "Mimpi..", I guess this is their new recording and there are few differences can be heard from the music. This is more US brutal type death metal and few black metal riffs as well as some cool solos. It comes with glossy color cover. All songs are in Indonesian and recorded live. "Ketika Matahari Terbit Dari Barat" is a short atmospheric instrumental track. I am quite surprise this brutal horde manage to compose such song. Anyway I like their old tape more than this one.
KOMA, P.O.Box 22 SBS-WO, Surabaya 60244-A, Indonesia.