Psychic Scream Entertainment, 2001

I have listen to their debut MCD and the full-length CD but I don't why I wait until now to review Koffin Kanser. I have no negative thing to say about them, a band fronted by Aru, which also the member of Malaysian pioneer of thrash metal (and now defunct) NEMESIS. Also Jadam also plays in KOFFIN KANSER. This limited 6969 digipak is not really a great release musically since I can't accept the songs totally into my system. I think the closest comparison I can make is they sound like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, etc new age metal. Metal, with heavy guitar, a bit of sampler, techno, industrial and hardcore vocals and a bit of hardcore music. Mix these all together you will have KOFFIN KANSER. 5 tracks available and the design of this digipak are too simple. I am not sure what they want to show in the artwork inside the digipak. Sure I will check their future release because listening once a while to stuff like this is okay but I will not accept or try to listen to any other band like this in future. And I don't think Malaysia needs another band like this.