Sacred Production, 1999

An album consist of 5 new songs and 4 old songs taken from their split tape with ATROCIUS (another Johor black metal, released in 1998). KHARABANAZAK is a 5 piece black metal band, greatly influenced by Scandinavian black metal with few Greek touches. The new songs are lot better, much more matured musically. Most of the songs are more than 5 minutes but the sound is not good enough and certainly only true black heart will listen until the song end. And my heart is not black enough. I expect for more complicate music since there are 5 members in the song. 5 people in a band can produce better than this I guess.
c/o Bob, 15 Jln. Cempaka 3, Tmn Plentong Baru, 81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia.