KALIYUGA (Singapore)
Trishul Records, 2002

8 tracks CD, 40+ minutes. I still have the flyers of the Metal Fest they played in 1997 and "14/07" is the date of the fest. Must be the most memorable day for them. Not much info heard about them until recently, I was being informed about this album. Some members of RUDRA are in this band so that is the strong point of checking this band out. Playing melodic death metal. They put some excerpts from movies in some songs like those done in brutal death/grind metal and they do not have one specific theme for this album. Whenever term 'melodic' is used, my attention will be drawn to the Swedish metal scene. I guess the speed and the guitars are not like those Swedish, giving them a bit of their own style. Keyboards are also used to enrich the songs. The best song for me is "Bhima (The Fearless)", the music and also the lyrics. There are actually lots of interesting parts in the songs that will suit the fans of melodic metal with growling vocals.
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