ISTIDRAJ (Singapore) 

Esoteric Art Production, 1999
Extreme melodic death/black metal. The band say that, not me. I couldn't find the extremity in this 8 tracks CD. Even with the inclusion of female vocal. I was looking for the 'touching' melodic solos which often the band in this genre create. The CD booklet/back cover are not professionally design. It looks so amateur. After reading the interview I made with them, one might expect an above average release from them considering the fact that of 6 years of existence in the scene and after all, this is a CD ! Except for the first track, Inaugaration which can be said as intro with its instrumental keyboard passage, the rest of the track will bring you to a certain height but never will bring your heigher. Never will you reach the climax (or orgasm, whatever you want to say). Each track starts with interesting riffs and that's it. No interesting follow up, solo, anything that will excite you. The last track Ngecongan Ngestabe remain the darkest and the only best track here. Black metal growling accompany with accoustic guitar and keyboards. Metafizika is not a good starting. Hopefully the next one will.

ISTIDRAJ (Singapore)
Bhinneka Tunggal Ika
Esoteric Art Production, 2001
After listening to the track "Istidraj" in "Panggilan..." comp, I really want to hear the new songs from them. This EP is now in my hand and now they found the style they are best at. Fast black metal, not weak 'extreme melodic' black metal like "Metafizika". 4 tracks (almost 15 mins). No keys, no more female voice, just excellent black metal. The EP CD-R will be re-released by a Brazilian in CD with different title. If you only want and care about the music, this is yours for $7. If you want something more I guess you better get the Brazilian one since the one I bought only comes with xerox cover.
Block 371 Tampines Street 34, #02-14, S 520371.