INSANUL MAUT (Indonesia)
Dusk To Dawn
Extreme Souls Production, 2002

Thanks to the corrupt postal service, I have been stopping buying/trading stuff from Indonesia. But I can't help myself so I bought some tapes from a local distro. So it has been a while since I last listened to Indonesian metal. Brutal death metal may be the most popular musick there but there are also huge amount of black metal bands as well. 8 tracks available in this tape and this quintet deliver melodic black metal. They also added few female vocals and keyboards. Musically, Insanul Maut is quite entertaining. They sounded like some new Malaysian demos (but with a good sound) which love this kind of Swedish melodic metal. The cassette sleeve is nicely design (thankfully no long thanks lists but perhaps putting the lyrics will a lot better).
c/o The Palace Of The Damned, Jl. Kebonkol Gg. Aming 04, Sumedang 45311, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.