Cryptic Malediction (Malaysia) / Indamnation (Malaysia) Split CD
Pony Canyon Music, 2000

Two old EP, which some how these EPs or the bands, have connection with Dreamworlddecay Productions is now made available in one CD. This is a good move because you all know CD is much better and last longer than tapes. CRYPTIC MALEDICTION "Insanity To Berserk" EP rules my cassette player last time and now their song will stay a bit longer in my CD player. Their unique brand of death metal with keyboard is quite interesting. And the new song is much better. A mix of fast brutal death with a bit of Swedish melodic death and touching solos. Everyone should check their debut album "Embedded In Blood" when it is out at once! I am not really into INDAMNATION "Blackguard" last time and I also feel the same now. I don't know how exactly describing them but they said as a 'complete musical passage to a new level of grind/death metal aggression'. Death metal is the safest thing to say about them although they lack of speed and intensity and a bit more diverse in the style. And on their side includes 1 extra track, I must say this is their best opus to date. The CD booklet includes the band's bio and I think it is better including their picture and logo or make the picture a bit clearer. 2 silly things about this CD is the wrong track arrangement for CM (the last 2 track is their new songs, not as stated in the booklet) and the high price of this CD (almost the same as other local mainstream CD). Luckily no one want to release pirate underground metal CD because the CD is already cheap but this one is an excuse. Pirate this one please.
[4/5] / [2.5/5]