INCARRION (Philippines)
Impressive demo cover sleeve design. They also know how to 'dress' like a real black metal band. Formed in 1994, perform raw black metal like their country mate KORIHOR. This demo offers three fast and blasphemously executed tracks recorded live in 1998. The double vocals/screams on the song are cool. This promo version offer three more tracks; a rehearsal and a live (recorded from their gig) version of "Conquer The Throne" song and a sampler track. These are probably their new songs which stand higher than the demo tracks and this review is made based only on the demo. Not exactly sure when "Blasphemiak" is release but one thing is certain; the next onslaught is what you will crave for!
c/o Freddie R., 083 Road 06 Joseph Sitt, Bagumbayan, Taguig, Metro Manila 1630.