ICONOCLASM (Indonesia)
Sesaji Kidung Pamungkas
Mystic Division Record, 2000
I didn't expect this tape to be this good. I saw the band's flyers in a glam Malaysia rock magazine (and the magazine said they a metal mag). Luckily some one delivered me this 8 tracks tape. The theme of the bands is likely about their own culture and occultism. Most of the lyrics are in Malay/Java language. They do know how to write good lyrics. Fast Scandinavian black metal with good sound. They use some effect and traditional folk music instrument in one of the track. The cover is in full color. I guess this is a normal Indonesian black metal band. Nothing outstanding, although I like the rawness, aggression and wrath in the songs. There are few hundreds more bands for you to choose (beside death metal, they also have a big black metal scene). Listen to the one I recommend in my review first and then "Sesaji Kidung Pamungkas" before you try the others.
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