Melancholic Art
Forgotten Wisdom, 2001

The metal project of Psychoblaze is a lot more interesting than his WITCHCULT. I am not sure how many demo have IM released but they will release another demo shortly after "Melancholic Art". The title is "Melancholic...", ah, I forgot the title but a Japanese label will release it. This demo features 4 tracks, including 1 intro. Scandinavian black metal is what they deliver, with a raw sound. "Gate" is the usual fast black metal, but the next one, "Hellgates" is a bit melodic with keys and few slow riff are bit depressive thus suit very well the title "Melancholic". "Amduscius" is another fast number but I prefer "Hellgates" although it has few 'interesting moment' in it. The vocal is great! Limited to 200 copies and mine numbered 148.
Infernal Necromancy, 202-22-40 Nigoriike, Morioka Higashiura, Chita-Gun Aichi, 470-2101 Japan.