HERRIOT (Malaysia)
Transworld Chaos
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 2001

This Kedahan band is back with their second release, a year after “Celestial Obelisk” MCD makes its appearance in the local metal scene. “Celestial...” is a shock to many listeners. It’s the band first release (fortunately they manage to release its debut as a pro-CD, not a demo and got support from a good label) and the music, although sounded great but has a clear influence from In Flames. In “Transworld...”, they deliver 9 tracks of melodic death metal and still can get them (far) away from the aforementioned band. The CD clocking for more than 40 minutes and its show some differences compare with their previous MCD. They still use dual voice (in some songs) and Chen (lead vocal) and Matt Sardo (guest vocal) are quite different. Matt’s growl was great (better than before) but Chen sounded like hardcore or something (less ‘death’ than before). I can’t comment more because I simply like all the songs. Great guitar works, melodies and so on. From fast (i.e. “Transworld Chaos”, the best track) to mid-pace, keyboard enriched song (i.e. “Coming Home”, with piano as well). Chen also shows his ability in singing in his normal voice (i.e. “Light My Darkness”) and undoubtedly he can sing. I can say this is the best local release in 2001.