Infected With Virulent Seed
I haven't listened to their grind project CONFLICTING THEORIES but the reviews on them are quite promising. So be sure you'll be checking them out! GRUESOME MALADY is a gore/death/grind band (or project after Conflicting Theories) of the guys in DYING EMBRACE. The sound of this three-tracked promo is very raw and heavy. Both Jimmy and Vikram contribute their voice but I guess due to effects used, both of them sounded the same. Movie samples are put in the songs which I don't have any clue of what the movie talks about (due to the language). Their debut album is already planned and I think they have already secured a deal with some European label.
Vikram Bhat
c/o Ullas Refreshments, Public Utility Building, M.G. Road, Bangalore - 560 001, India.