Circulation To Conclusion
World Chaos Production, 2000

A 3 -piece band with a female bassist and Eddie RITUAL CARNAGE as guest guitarist lending his expertise in guitar solos. "Circulation To Conclusion" is a release I expect to continue what TERROR SQUAD and MANIPULATED SLAVES (both their label mates) did. If I understand the bio correctly, Nakabayshi (g/v) also play for RITUAL CARNAGE and only after tour and after the recording of "Every Nerve Alive", GRIMFORCE start to be active. They formed in 1999 and had a promotape out and if I am not mistaken (again) they also join one Japanese metal compilation called "The Red Hot Burning Hell" or maybe not? I don't remember. Labeled as "Japanese new most violent thrashing act"... maybe and they are almost there but they can't beat the ferocity of TERROR SQUAD! 7 tracks, 30++ minutes of thrash metal. The music has clear influence of German thrash and adds with few Slayer or Exodus riffs along with harsh hardcore-like vocal, you get GRIMFORCE. "Lunatic", "World Chaos" are among the good song here but the last track "Struggle" is the best. The solo kills!!! Arghhh!!! The sound is excellent and the CD booklet is uniquely designed but I don't like it. The booklet is not like the usual one but it is folded. Open it and you will get a (almost) 12"LP size paper. All info, lyrics, etc on one side and on the other is the front cover artwork. Crucify that on your bedroom. What I don't like is if you open it too many times, it will tear off. Anyway, it is very creative idea.