GORB (Malaysia)
Textbook Paranoid Living In Empty Spaces
Nebiula Production, 2001

GORB is another non-metal project by Jadam (of Mesmerised, Profane Creation, Necrotic Chaos, etc). This is different compare with MESMERISED, which is more melodic and atmospheric. GORB is an industrial project which I assumed he did it all alone. I got their demo “Sink” (I guess in 1997) and as far as I remember, the songs features lots of weird sound, sampler, drum machine, etc. But in this cassette EP, he added guitars and sings in normal voice. Since I have little knowledge in this kind of music scene (and not really interested anyway) so I can’t compare GORB with other group. The 4 songs here are quite mixed. A song is a bit melodic and the other is quite dark. GORB is original in Malaysian underground scene and maybe also in the music scene.