Gonin-Ish Showkai, 2000
Just 6 tracks but clocking for 45 minutes. Everything is written in Japanese except for some info on this release and the band. Interesting band. The lead vocal is a female and she does normal and also distorted, growling vocals (and handle guitar as well). The normal vocal sounds really dark and haunting. But the growling sounds horrible and this is not a compliment. It just irritates me when the voice start to sound likes this and luckily not much are heard through out the CD. About the music, a kind of dark heavy / death metal. The music is quite chaotic when the growling comes in, including the piano like everyone is going insane. But it is not the case when Akiko sings in her normal voice. The music is calm and dark and also melodic at times. And they manage to synchronize the fast and calm part in the songs. Not like the usual fast-slow-fast tempo. Beside this, there are 'pop' sounding synths like you can hear from 80's heavy metal. This is self-released product but done in the most professional way.
c/o Masashi Momota, #402 Wakai-Building, 2-2-10, Kanamecho, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0043 Japan.