GETHEBONG (Indonesia)
Edelweiss Production, 2001
If I am not mistaken, the band has an album/CD out but I don't remember the title. I got this promo from Fresh Blood Zine (Indonesia) so I think I have to write few lines about this band. In my hand is only a 4 track promo CD-r (10+ minutes) which I think a preview of their upcoming album or something. 'Grinding humanis death core' is the label written on the CD slipcase so what you will hear is Indonesian brutal death/grind with a decent sound. Why I said 'Indonesian', if you have heard what kind of death metal from Indonesia, you will know. This is identical with lots of others brutal bands around the nation. Fans of brutal death metal will never complain listening to material like as they only brutality, violence and again more brutality in their music.