GEMATRIA (Singapore)
Demo 1999
A new band from Singapore and I must admit that Memoirs really attract me ! I couldn't help myself from hearing it again and again. Atmospheric balck metal with fast and occasional slow part with keyboards, female vocal and clear male vocals beside the usual growling. Sounds commercial, heh ? Well, that's what you can hear in Memoirs . This 4 tracks demo starts with an interesting intro called Memoirs, the drumbeat and the vocals sounds like they are having some kind of ritual. The best track for me beside Memoirs is Silhoutte Dreams In... with the female vocal and the melodic, depressive solo and the end of the song. The closest comparison is Dimmu Borgir, but maybe I'm wrong but who really care since I also like the new Dimmu Borgir. This demo comes with pro-duplicated tape with and neat dark and colorful cover. Fans are urged to check this band before their next release comes out. Check also the interview with them in this issue.
GEMATRIA, BLK 620 Yishun Ring, Road #02-3208, SINGAPORE 760620.