Split Tape '99

What Marawagas (or now known as Rotten Insanity) Prod trying to do is a good effort. Trying to promote these two band in the S.E.A. region but they must clearly stated all necessary info on the flyer and the tape cover. I thought this was a new release from these bands or re-release of their demo that might contain rare tracks but I am wrong. This is merely a release that combine both of the band's demo into one tape. Anyone who have got Funeral Rites "Wierd Tales" demo will waste their money on this tape. I'm not sure about Regent, a greek death metal band but I am sure the distro took their demo for this band side of the tape. I have try to email Regent (after getting their flyers) but the address is not valid anymore. "Wierd Tales" is an old demo and the band is now having an album under their belt. For those who don't know about Funeral Rites, they playing thrash/black metal with dark keys in his music. A great band ! Meanwhile Regent perform death metal without any scent of greek sound. It has brutal grinding part and swedish melodic death metal. Good sounding tape though. Although this tape is for the price of RM 7 but the kids need to know more info beside the tracks title. The tape cover is neatly design and as I said, does not contain enough info beside track listing. I will give higher marks for the demo of these bands but for this release. 

Painkiller Records, 2000
The debut album of this Japanese black metal. 7 tracks over 40 minutes of music. There is a vast improvement since their demo and they did an excellent job with this album. "Necroeater" contain both fast and slow songs but slower songs are so majestic and enchanting but still possess the aura of darkness with effective use of keyboard, synth, and sounds of piano and not-to-harsh vocals. I haven't heard black metal so refreshing like this since a long time. The CD starts with a Japanese dark metal track, "Weird Tales", with dark keys, few Bathory riffs and melodic solos. I am hooked starting from this track until the last, "13th Disciple". Most of the songs are in the same vein as the 1st one except for "The Wintermoon" which is a bit fast. The booklet is neatly designed that doesn't look like most black metal release today.