FUGÜE (Japan)
Proof Of The Man
HMW Distribution, 2001

4 tracks of doom stoner psychogenic rock or better say doom/stoner rock if you can’t imagine how they sound like. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of C.S.S.O. new album “Are You Excrements”. The songs are not entirely slow. You will hear mostly space rock music, which are mid pace and few part of the songs are quite doomy. If you can stand listen to many repeated riffs (the songs are quite long), no keys (or any gothic sounding thing), you can try this one. There is one extra (surprise) track, “That’s Our God” which you will hear after waiting 279 sec (3sec x 93 blank track).
USD 10 c/o Matsuyama doom@olive.plala.or.jp http://www3.plala.or.jp/fugue