FORCE (Singapore)
Uphold The Mighty Force

Shah of Darků , the person who draw the icon for Steel Madness #2 (on the back cover) told me about this band and I asked him to send me this immediately since he have some copies for sale (he also draw the cover for this demo). 5 tracks demo with decent sound with neatly designed xerox cover. The style? Hard rock / heavy metal with strong influence of Metal Church. The music and the vocals really sound like MC. Some songs sound like our own SYJ. Is that good? Yes! Although it is not original but what the heck man. Not many bands are like this here. Sadly the band is now 'forcedly' r.i.p., as stated in the short bio in the cover sleeve. This demo features which they made in 9 years of their existence, just to show they exist the scene. They said it a 'commemorative demo'. You can get this for RM 5 from Shah (address elsewhere).