FENRIR (Singapore)
Withered Beauty 
Promo 2000

FENRIR is one among the Singaporean band 'hiding' in the internet. I've forgot how many Singaporean band I know from internet but never heard of them in the 'actual' scene. I found their email in some metal website guestbook and then drop a few emails. FENRIR plays swedish melodic death metal with black metal vocal ala Dani C.O.Filth. They are just 'okay' musically but have some surprises in the 3 tracks here. The first track "Covenent Of Sorrow" inludes a beautiful piano part at the end of this song. The track "The Winterfall" and "Howling" sounds like slower version of In Flames. That's make a bit of their own identity. I don't why but I dislike the drumming though. I'm not critising the drummer skill but sound something not right with it (the sound or drumbeat pattern, etc). There are lots of riffs I like to hear in here but I guess I want more speed added to like them more. "Withered Beuaty" probably the first demo CD from S.E.A. The promo consist 3 songs and there are 2 more songs. If they are lucky searching for a label, these 5 tracks will be released as a MCD. Hopefully the other 2 songs have the continuation or longer version of "The Winterfall". I feel this track is incomplete. They started okay, melodic riffs, blackish vocals. Then come the slow part before it continues with a different riff (a good one) but then it fades and the song are done. I was almost on the 'climax' there. They succeeded in triggering my mood there. Good luck guys ! I hope you will get sign by a label soon.
c/o Kevin Poh, Blk 67, Circuit Road, #07-249, S370067, Singapore.
withered_beauty@yahoo.com http://zap.to/fenrir