World Chaos Production, 2000

When reading "Female Mystic Night Metal" on the info sheet, I have 2 things in my mind. Firstly they are all female and secondly the music must be calm, soft and melodic. After I got the CD, I know I am right about the music but FATIMA HILL is not an all-female band. I couldn't see Takamichi Koeda face since he/she hide his/her face but the name is like a male name. Only the vocal is female. Or maybe all 4 are female but they look like male? Oh well, guessing is the normal thing to do since there is only little info about the band and this release mentioned in the info sheet. "Valhalla" recorded in 1997 and re-released by World Chaos with 1 new track called "Aeon". "Aeon" is a melodic acoustical track, using various acoustical string instruments. The music FATIMA HILL is like a slow version of power metal with a bit distorted female voice but still feminine and almost gothic-like sometimes. This is not for every one. Those who wanted speed and aggression stay away. Only for those who appreciate guitar works and female vocal can listen to this.