FATE (India)
Lead Us To Darkness
Intune Entertainment, 1999
5 tracks, 27 minutes of melodic death/black metal. Blackish vocals and music mixes a lot of style (death, black and thrash). The first song "Deathless" was also featured in Deep Throat comp. That was where I first heard of them. There are few slow, calm passages in the songs. I guess this will suite the lover of less aggressive style of black metal. Track #4, is the best. It rocks! But the rest just sounds 'okay'. The sound should be better than this. This is a CD-R release but comes with color inserts. FATE might perhaps bring a much more interesting material than this in the future because from the music, I know they can.
Fate, 4/5 Arunoday, Odha Nagar, Borivali (E) Mumbai, 400 066, India. deathless@rediffmail.com