Darkest Hour 
Reh/Demo 1999
8 tracks rehearsal tape which I put it in as one of the best rehearsal demo I heard from a local band. Fast brutal death metal with occasional (old) Rotting Christ-like slow part. The first track, "Immortal Incarnate" have these riff reminiscent a song I heard a lot in a P. Ramlee movies (used as background music in a suspence scene/situation in that oldies movies). The sound of this is just the mediocre rehearsal sound. Don't expect to hear anything clean here. Sometimes the drumming are a bit terrible, not the drummer skill but the the sound. Some songs are enjoyable but I couldn't listen to it again later due to the nature of the recording. There are some styles fit with this kind of 'raw' sound (I guess grindcore and black metal) but never I amazed with other musicstyle. You have to play faster and insanely. Okay, they have made me aware of their existence in the scene. I will no doubt check the next output. Try to kick Mortuary Ancestor "Dogma Orthodox" with your next release, as this demo is the best demo from Sabahan scene.
c/o Muhamad Hanafiah, Lorong Selusung A, No. 2 Taman Sempelang, 88100 Kota Kinablu, Sabah, Malaysia.