EVOL (Japan)
Demo 1999

Don't mistaken this as black metal EVOL from Italy. This is a Japanese brutal death/grind band. Decent sounding 4 tracks tape which is too short in my opinion. Possessing the american school of death/grind music, so it has the characteristic that you should already now. Nothing new here. Just plain grind/death music. The demo starts with beautiful keyboard track as an intro and after that, everything seem to be apocalyptic. The best track will be "I dee Fixe" since it has a bit of thrash bit it is too short. Overall, this demo only last for couple of minutes. They also copied me an extra track, a rough track of their new song. The new song is much longer and a bit different. Should I say that they have progressed ? The new track is grind but also melodic at times (especially on the solos) with a bit of thrash. I think their newer stuff will be much more interesting. Not sure the price of this demo. It comes with a clear xerox cover. 
c/o Miyamoto Nankichi, 4-6-27 #201 Shimo-Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 161-0033 Japan.