Bongkar Batas
Resswara Rodakreasi, 2000

I read about them in Indonesian mail-order list and my interest on them grows bigger each day. I miss "Offering To Rangda" and like to know how they sounded like before this new release. "Bongkar Batas" offers 10 tracks of original occult brutal death metal. If in Malaysia, they are proud with LANGSUYR and Singapore with AS SAHAR, Indonesia have to proud with ETERNAL MADNESS with their original approach in death metal. They made a long distant with other local brutal death with their music. Combining Balinese chant/mantra like RUDRA and folk-like music but they put it together in their metal and that is totally brilliant! Basically their music is fast brutal death but you will hear the 'folk' and oriental feeling through out the songs. The cassette cover sleeve fills with lots of Bali cultural drawings and some looks very scary. Except for the sound, everything else rules!
Eternal Madness, Jl. No. 33 Denpasar, Bali Indonesia.