Enthrone Falls
Misery Records, 2000
A local distributor sells this tape without mentioning any info beside the band's name in their flyers. From the price of the demo written in the flyers, I thought ENTHRONED FALLS are from oversea. Surprisingly, they are from the same town as me and this demo comes with pro-printed cover. But does not mean it fit to be categorized as an EP. The sound is weak and the cover and the whole package is not that professional. But credit should be given to the band and label that have made something different than the rest of local demo bands. Claimed to play technical metal and to my listening, the music dwells in the realm of melodic death metal. I can hear from the songs that the guys are quite talented musician with interesting ideas but the overall sound is quite dissappointing. The vocals are not the best that I can listen to. Too hardcore-ish. The good music however saves this release from being just another average release. Anyway the label have done a good job in making their stuffs a bit professional than the rest. Watch out for more release from this new label.

Fear The Melodies
This VCD is only a promo but the band said they will sell it later. It runs for 30 minutes with very amateur shots of two of their live shows in Ipoh last year. They also put an mpg version of the video in the VCD. I got a headache watching this. The camera zooms in and suddenly he zooms out and keeps on zooming in and out. I guess he is too drunk and he even head bangs during shooting this video. You will hear some harsh sounding songs perform by the band and you can see the ‘behaviour’ of Malaysian metal heads during gig. The VCD also comes with the bands short bio and some other info’s in the nice-looking color inlay. Since there are not many Malaysian video available, so this is a recommendable purchase.
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