EIBON (Singapore)
The Garden Of Theophrastus
Dark Artz Releases, 1997

Originally this album was released in cassette in 1995. Under different label (or maybe the same label with a new name ?) it is now available in CD and also includes their demo "Spirits Of Barbuelis" (formerly the band is known as Debauchery). Releasing this 2 stuffs in CD is a very wise thing to do. This album was a monumental release for me back then. And my opinion about this release now is still the same. They are the only band till now in the local scene playing this kind of melodic black/death metal with a very dark, satanic aura. The music is fast with some breaks in between and the 'horrifying' moment can be heard on this break when music is slow and then comes the brilliant keys and magnificent female vocals. In "Spirits.." demo, they are a bit different. They are not fast as now and using less key and female voice. The sound of that demo is really bad. As a whole, this is a recommend release. That's why I din't bother reviewing this old stuff. However I suggest them to re-release it again and this time with a bit more professional in making the booklet. I think it is too simple and does not match with the high quality music that they deliver.