EFFLUVIUM (Philippines)
Genesis Of Our Conquest 
Reh/demo 2000

A new band hailing from Laguna, the same area where Likhang Karimlan Promotion and his bands dwells. It is interesting that this tape is given FREE. Although they can ask for postage but to spread the band's name and music in the name of metal is much more important for them. This low budget tape, a rehearsal promo present the rough idea of what we can expect from Effluvium's music in the future. 3 tracks here and I must say they are quite original and creative delivering what they said as a mixture of 70's rock (old Black Sabbath) and swedish melodic death. The idea is there but not really my type of music. Perhaps in much better sound, I will appreciate them more. The music, especially the solos reminds me of 70's space rock. Just imagine rock blend together with melody of swedish melodic death metal sing in black metal voice. I give my highest credit for the ideas and dare to be different. Try this tape and tell them what you think. Please include stamps or IRC to ease their postage burden.
c/o Willie Desamero, #3M. Fule Sahagun St., San Pablo City, Laguna 4000 Philippines.