Serenades Of Depravity
Self-Released, 2000
A CD-R album consisting songs from couples of recordings (demo, EP and newly recorded songs). The first time I heard of this band (and also the first Indian band for me) is from Psychic Scream's Panggilan Pulau Puaka compilation. That song is featured here and still being my favorite song. Dark metal is being labelled to this band but it is not your usual dark/doom metal. No keyboards. Just raw heavy guitars, deep death growls and I think the band that I should compare them with is Black Sabbath. Listen to it a few times, it will grow in you. The sound is not good enough though but everything else is fine for my ears. I do not recommend you to get this because there will be a 12" vinyl version available from a US label. That (if it able to be released and I am confident it will) is a must!

Misanthrope 7"EP
Legion Of Death Records, 2002
L.O.D.'s second release, featuring 4 tracks from an Indian dark metal band called Dying Embrace. On this black wax you'll (or will not since this EP sold out by now) get 4 tracks. 2 new tracks on Side A ("Blood Rites" and "Cromlech Of Hate") and 2 previously release tracks, "The Passing Away" (from "Grosteque" EP 2000) and "Degeneration" (from "Serenades Of Depravity" album 1998). I have reviewed the album CD-R. Vikram's vocals sounded the same in the new songs. There is not much difference between the new songs and the old ones. Perhaps, a little on the guitar maybe. Listening to "Cromlech…" is like listening to old demo of some black/death bands. This track is a bit fast and thrashy (some other songs sound a bit thrash too) compare with other songs in this EP. Still does not get the picture of D.E. music? Raw sounded dark metal (means music is not fast and no keys. 'Dark' with the sound of the guitar), haunting riff and with blackish growling vocal. The EP comes with gatefold cover with band picture and lyrics. Limited to 300 copies. There's a cold 'slogan' which L.O.D. printed, "Shaithani Hamla! Zabardast asar ke liye, puri zoor se bajavo!" which in English means "Satanic attack! For maximum effect, play it at full volume!". I guess this is what those Japanese written phrase in Sabbat/Terror Squad means.