Dust Components (Malaysia) / No Promises (Slovakia) Split CD
Psychic Scream Entertainment, 1999

2 bands gathered in one split release. It is not a new recording. DUST COMPONENTS's side features their debut EP and NO PROMISES features their "Face Human Soul" demo. I traded a copy of DUST COMPONENTS EP with Sabesta of NO PROMISES for a copy of his demo for review in my zine in 1998 (the name of that never-published zine is stated in thanks list and I am quite embarrassed reading it!). NO PROMISES starts the CD first. 6 tracks of death, thrash metal with some cool melodic solos and breaks. DUST COMPONENTS is more interesting. A lot more speed, much better musically. Also dwells somewhere in thrash metal territory. Only the vocals is 'worse' in my opinion, like hardcore a bit. DUST COMPONENTS is now r.i.p. and I don't know what happen to NO PROMISES. But a band with some of DUST COMPONENTS members called BURIALGROUND can be said promising. Heavy/thrash metal, a bit more melodic and their debut demo also included a re-record of a track in this EP.
[3.5/5] / [2.5/5]