DRY (Indonesia) 
Belenggu Kelam
Javanese Mysticism, 1998
Total chaotic speed black metal. Looking from the picture in the cover sleeve, one must think that DRY is a foreign band. DRY get their influenced from MARDUK and in terms of originality, DRY may not have it. They may not be at the same level as IMPIETY in this style of music but they already made a great impact on my first listen of this cassette. Black metal supposed to raw, grim, etc as many might say and in Belenggu Kelam you will hear nothing except for cold black metal. Keyboard are also used but not too many, only providing dark and gloom atmosphere and without it, the songs will not be harmed. Some accoustic passage also present in some of the songs, giving some times for listener to relax (for a while) before the onslaught continues. As for the poetic lyrics, all are written in Indonesian except for one track and all are interesting reading material as well. Pity it does not have English translation. Malaysian Psychic Scream should have released this instead of RITUAL ORCHESTRA, and of course DRY is band worth to be invested in.

DRY (Indonesia)
Titian Ujung Raga
Sonnengott Music D/F, 2001

A new from album this great black metal band from Surabaya. I reviewed their album 1998 in the previous issue. “Titian Ujung Raga” features 9 tracks of fast, furious and chaotic black metal, a bit in the Swedish style just like the previous album (imagine Marduk or Dark Funeral). This album however posses a much rawer sound while the rest is still in the same style in but “Belenggu Kelam” album is still the best for me. This time lyrics is not included so that is a loss because their lyrics is an interesting read since it is written in Indonesian language. It is hard to write something in our local language using the right words to create something poetic and intelligent-sounding. They also include 2 tracks from “Belenggu Kelam” and also my fave tracks; “Kesunyian Yang Kekal” and “Total Kiamat”. I have sent an interview to their guitarist/vocalist but don’t know what happen with my letter. If not you will read an interesting interview in this issue.
Ghazabbelord, Jl. Karang Rejo VII/45 Surabaya 6024, Indonesia.