DREADED (Malaysia)
Disease !
Demo 2000

This is one of the best new local band that plays brutal death metal. They have improved a lot since their last promo rehearsal. I never expected them to this good. There's been a vast improvement here. Although the sound is still the mediocre demo sound, but you will hear the brutality in the 4 songs presented here. Gaining its influence from US deat metal, so what you will hear powerful drumming and raging guitars. I didn't see any incompetence in this demo except for the sound and the cover design. I wait the next presentation imaptiently since I think the new one will offer more if the progression continues.

DREADED (Malaysia) 
Rehearsal Tape 1999
A member of doom metal band, DOOMSHEAT played in this band but this is not a doom band, but brutal death grind. Come from the same state with SARDOTICAL SCOUNDREL, maybe they tried to challenge them. Music-wise, maybe they are at the same level as SARDOTICAL SCOUNDREL  but this rehearsal possesses a bad sound production. I can't hardly hear what the played. Since this is underground, everyone can released anything but please give some quality in anything that you produced. Luckily they also copied a new song and this one is much better. Still brutal death metal but with improved musicianship and longer song. Ask them to copied their new track because this track make this rehearsal an average release, if not it might be a below average and worth not to check. Let see what DREADED can bring to us in the future. 
c/o WonderWizard, Lot 973, Lorong Shariff, Off Jalan Langgar, 05200 Alor Setar, Kedah.
c/o Mohd Fairuz b. Mohd farid, Lot 3, Lorong Derga, 05300 Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia.