Rivers of Blood, Rivers of Sorrow
Dementia Records, 2003

This is a single promo demo (last for 6 minutes) and was sent together with Saprosoul's debut demo. So I can't help myself from comparing both of them. It seems that Draconaeon is a bit interesting musically. This is also a black metal act with keyboards on the background (almost throughout the entire song) and some female vocals. The song starts with atmospheric melodic music accompanied with clear female vocal. Sounds pretty gay to some but wait until for few moments and you'll hear fast (old) Scandinavian type of black metal which is raw sounded (and that does not mean it was badly recorded!). The guitars sounded really good and perfectly match with the evil vocals. Towards the last two minutes, there are few melodic keyboard breaks which remind me of C.O.Filth (you know, the usual calm part where female vocals and keyboards when the metal music stop) which is good but I don't like hearing that very much.
c/o Izard, No: 146 Simpang:160-2, Kg. Lambak, Jln Pasir Berakas, Brunei Darussalam.