DOXOMEDON (Singapore)
Dark Artz Releases, 1999

It maybe a bit late to review this MCD. I bought the tape version made by PSE but decided to buy the MCD version to make my review of it. But on that time I was dead broke. Hehehe. Those who still unfamiliar with them, they are once called ITNOS and release a 7" EP before becoming DOXOMEDON. The music is still as great as I first hear them on tape. Death/thrash metal with a few keyboard as intro of the song. The greatest song here is "Embrace In Solace", although the other 2 sounds similar as this one. And of course this 4 (including outro) tracks CD is much better sounding and has bigger size of the front cover graphic. I didn't see why they don't like the graphic. For me, it looks very dark, gory and satanic. Maybe the running time of this CD is too short (16 minutes) but you shouldn't ignore this great act.
Doxomedon, Blk 1030, #04-36, Tao Ching Road, Singapore 610103.