DISTRUST (Malaysia)
Human Conflict 
Demo 2000

Dirs of MORTUARY ANCESTOR sing in this band or maybe it can be said as side project of MORTUARY ANCESTOR members. The music different from MA, this one brutal death metal the American way. Just what Malaysian scene need, more brutal death bands. Among countless "eastern metal" band, this is a band that Malaysian can be proud off. The only thing that makes this demo rated as an average demo is the bad sound. Demo cover comes is color printed. This release was supposed to be released as a cassette EP by a new Malaysian label. Very sad this plan didn't some into reality. If aided with more money to use good studio and release this professionally, "Human Conflict" will be a great release.
c/o Mahatir Mutalip, P.O.Box 976, 90710 Sandakan, Sabah.