Deviated symphony
Rottrevore, 2002
This is one of Jogjakarta killer band, with their freak death/grind, touch with lots of part jazz and funnygore/grind, but you will shock with their hyperblasting part. 14 track with many style of grind/gore, old metal parts, and the last track with touch of speed/power metal(I like this part). Their complexity really interesting, catchy and make you start to headbang with their beat! The vocals very powerfull low growl and some add with laugh (strange laugh!), one song that called "Family to The Gore" have hardcore riffs, this is old song from Sabotage (old jogjakarta hardcoreband), the guitarist (Wawan) have join in Death Vomit and Sabotage before. The guitar use foot/wah in some song, and the beat turn to funk/jazz and then.....the grinding snare will shock explode your head! I really love this band! Kill-cool-funny-grind!!!!!!!!!
c/o Jeffry, Klitren Lor GK III/506, Yogyakarta 55222, INDONESIA