8 tracks album, (46 minutes) of atmospheric thrash/death metal. From the cover with the corpse paint and inverted cross you might say it’s a black metal album but I can’t say so. You can only link the screeching vocals with black metal but certainly not the music. There are few types of male vocals present here (growling, screeching, normal voice) with keyboard and also female vocals. Not really a bad release. The first track is the worse song in this album but the rest are quite okay. Maybe a bit sweet sounding with the keys and female vox but music and solos are quite entertaining. The piano in “The Sadness Still Remains” is good too but the one in “The Life of Sadness” is a Dimmu Borgir rip off. What I don’t understand as a 4 piece band why can’t they find a good drummer? Sounds like they are using drum machine and you know how sucks that sound. I also have their demo tracks copied together in the same CD-R. Rawer, fast songs and I like them better. “Demonstealer” is available from for USD 8 or you can order it Vampiria Records (Brazil) since they will re-release this album.
c/o Sahil Makhija, 34,Sea Palace, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai - 400049, India.