Psychodynamic Theory Of Sadistic Perversion
Demented Mind, 2000

Another brutal death metal band from Indonesia. I am truly sympathizing in what have happen. About the rip off of Rhythmic Production negotiating and releasing this album under Sonic Wave International in Malaysia without the band knowing it. Do not tolerate with such rip-off bootleg! Comparing this original version and SWI's version, SWI one is much more professional in the cover design. The song recorded in 1998 but it took 2 years for it to be released. About the music, there are 7 tracks here and the sound can be improved. The music is so wild and full of rage. I already hear this kind music 1000 times before and not really my fave. Only fan of brutal death/grind will be pleased with this.
c/o Denis, PTB Duren Sawit Q5/11, Jakarta 134440 Indonesia.